Jumat, 25 Juli 2008

packaging to save some space

i've got this problem...
I am now stay in Beijing for about 1 year and i can't leave my main hobby of model kits.
it's getting crazy if you only can buy and can't do the project because your stuff is not in the same place..
really sucks...
but i solve this problems..

i can enjoy the hobby for a little and save some space in my luggage when i go home later...
see this:
you can pack the car like this...
it's really save space...
u don't need the sprue... if you want to do some scratch build, i'm sure u have many sprue back home just like mine...
i'm using this Ferrari FXX to give the example.

all you have to do is like this:
1. you only need some basic tool kits to do this: cutter, sprue cutter, masking tape, glue, and tack-it/whatever its called.

2. you can permanently glue all the parts that will be paint together with the same color, in my ferrari it is a main engine block i glue together

3. use the stick-it/tack-it/whatever it's called (the green poster glue in the tool kits pic.) and masking tape for non-permanent glue

4. don't cut and stick the small parts, leave it and take care of it later... beside that, do what it told in instruction sheet.
5. for clear parts, you have to cover it with plastics and separate each other, otherwise the clear parts will be scratch everywhere.

6. cut all the small parts left and put it together in one plastic bag.

7. if there some parts which has almost same looked, just cut it with the number, so you're not gonna be confused the next time you assembly it.

8. put the small-part's plastic bag inside the interior

9. if the decals too big, cut it into a few and then put it under the car.

9. wrap all of the car with plastics so if there is some parts is not strongly glued, it will not missed.

with this method you can put 5-6 cars in one box, it's much better than 6 box of kits...
so all you have to do next is go out and buy some more kits....
hope this method can help other people with the same problem with me...


Rabu, 07 Mei 2008

My Collection

I already made some compilation and divide it into 2
the first one was when i just finished Batmobile
Some of them were screwed into pieces so i made the new one which is brand new
and i just kept a few that i think good enough

My Collection Part 1

My Collection Part 2


Selasa, 19 Februari 2008

Nissan Skyline GTR R34 [drift spec]

This is my first built kit in 2008. It's a Nissan Skyline GTR R34. At the first time, I planned it to become a drift styke racing style, but the limitation of time made me must make it fast. So I just paint it with Mica Blue and do some other modification.
  • Paint: Mica Blue
  • Custom Decals
  • Carbon GT Wing
  • Custom racing harnes
  • Custom Interior (Fuel Tank, Bucket seat, Roll Bar, etc)
  • Shaved and custom front and rear bumper

Selasa, 15 Januari 2008

Last Finished in 2007

These were my latest projects last year. They were finished right before the year changed.
  • 1/24 Fujimi Toyota Altezza

This kit needs one month to become a built models. I prepare everything carefully coz i want it to be perfect. I made some modification, which are:
- 2 Doors conversion
- Scratch Built Muffler
- Scratch Built NOS Bottle
- 18" OZ Superturismo
- Body kit for Initial D Edition
- Base Paint: Light Gun Metal

1/24 Aoshima Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex Edition

After finished with the Altezza, i continued to next car which are the last project in 2007. I just want to made it out of the box. I was try to put my gorgeous 20" Vienna Kreiss but it become 3 mm overfender, so i canceled it. I don't put anything except 19" Cerberus and Body kit from Vertex which i get it from the box. I try to made custom HID head lamp by adding a small circle clear plastic that i already paint using clear blue at the head lamp. Enjoy...

Minggu, 09 September 2007

Racing Again

Back to racing style. This is my latest project in August. It is Honda S2000 by Tamiya. It's modified using CLK-GTR DTM rims. Because the rims is too big, so I need to made 2mm wide body using epoxy putty. Beside that, I shaved the door, made custom muflers and custom rear spoiler. This is the result.
1/24 Honda S2000 By Tamiya
  • Custom NOS Bottle
  • Custom GT Wing
  • Paint: Yellow TS16
  • 2mm wide body
  • Custom LCD TV
  • Shape Doors

Selasa, 28 Agustus 2007

Nostalgic Moment

I always try to find this kit. It is 1/24 Lotus 102B. It was my first kit and try to built it out of the box. Finally I found one for IDR 90,000 but it has bad decals. I can't use one of the decal sheet. So I painted it black using NOW paint and only use some decals that still can be used. This is the result. I will try to find this kit again.

1/24 Lotus 107 Ford by Tamiya (Built 2007)

Kamis, 23 Agustus 2007

Luxury Time!!!

After made some racing type modification, I try to make some luxury modification. I used Toyota Bb from Tamiya. I try to use other paint than Tamiya. I found paint with brand NOW at Ace Hardware. I use it for my Bb. This paint is good enough. It's flat and sticky. I recommend to use clear coat directly after this paint dry and don't touch it or it will stick with your finger even it already dry for 1 day. I made some modification for this kit, they are:
  • Panoramic roof made using Clear plastic from Nokia 3650 Casing

  • Rims are Aoshima Modelart

  • Custom mufflers

  • LED Lamp for Audio trunk and neons.

  • Shaved doors even not perfect enough

1/24 Toyota Bb by Tamiya (Built 2007)